LMSA - Lethbridge Mixed Slowpitch Association

Playoff Draw

Here is the first game time of the playoffs. The rest of the game times will depend on win/loss.

A/B Division                                                                        C Division                                                                   D Division                                                                     E Division

Backstreet VS Ashcroft Legends 9:00am diamond 6 (Saturday) Smokehouse Smugglers VS Mojo’s Brewers 6:00om Diamond 10 (Friday) Off Constantly VS 1 Run 6:00pm Diamond 5 (Friday) Avonlea Homers VS Inglorious Batters 6:00pm Diamond 3 (Friday)
Saints vs Grizzly Media 7:30pm Diamond 9 (Friday) Ball Breakers VS Feisty Goats 7:30pm Diamond 8 (Friday) Hit Squad VS Rattlers 6:00pm Diamond 6 (Friday) Urban Indians VS Onion Bar & Grill 6:00pm Diamond 1 (Friday)
Venom VS Moneyball 6:00pm Diamond 9 (Friday) A-1 Truck Wash VS Shauna’s Angels 7:30pm Diamond 10 (Friday) Genuine Siding VS Killer Kleats 6:00pm Diamond 7 (Friday) BWR Misfits VS Cleats & Cleavage 6:00pm Diamond 2 (Friday)
Wholesale Clubbers VS ?? 9:00am Diamond 9 (Saturday) Vipers VS Southwest Steelers 7:30 Diomond 7 (Friday) Uno Mas VS Wildmen 6:00pm Diamond 8 (Friday) DC Warriors VS Breath Easy Pirates 6:00pm Diamond 4 (Friday)
Weitz Electric VS ?? 9:00am Diamond 2 (Saturday) Ridiculousness VS ?? 7:30pm Diamond 4 (Friday) Moist Pandas VS ?? 7:30pm Diamond 1 (Friday)
Beavers VS ?? 9:00am Diamond 3 (Saturday) A-1 Truck Wash VS ?? 7:30pm Diamond 5 (Friday) One Hit Wonder VS ?? 7:30 Diamond 2 (Friday)
PitchSlap VS ?? 9:00am Diamond 4 (Saturday Swamp Donkeys VS ?? 7:30pm Diamond 3 (Friday)
Savers Shoe Strings VS ?? 9:00am Diamond 5 (Saturday)